About Us

Our Services

Excellence is our watchword. Below are some of the services we render

  1. Web Development

    Beautifully designed yet functional and responsive website with most recent web tools

  2. Data Recovery

    We use state of the art technology and precision with professionalism unparalleled ensure those super important files are recovered even from seemingly hopeless situations. See that smile on your face is very paramount to us

  3. Technical Consultation

    Are you thinking of implementing new IT solutions to your business?

    Do you want to overhaul an existing method and have a fresh start or Do you want to improve on existing system?

    We help plan and recommend then implement latest solutions using ITIL standards

  4. System Diagnosis and Repairs

    We are an expert IT company with excellent track records of successes.

    We can help diagnose all systems faults, troubleshoot and repair all types of faults and errors from operating system errors (Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, Ubuntu and other linux distros), software error, hardware faults – laptop and desktop (even repair to board level when necessary)

  5. Networking

    We can help with all forms of networking including home or office networks, wireless, wired and fibre.

    Just contact us and the job is done

  6. Email and Web Hosting

    Do you need a custom email service for your business but not ready for a full website? We offer you just that. Get Unlimited number of email for an incredibly affordable price

Our Vision

To be your one stop solution to all IT related issues

Using IT to boost business performance

Our Mission

Through diligence, creativity and professionalism, we aim and hope to ensure our clients always have what they deserve. We not only provide the service they have requested but go the extra mile to ensure everything is topnotch and you always smile.

We exist for YOU

TECHDAVEZ INTEGRATED SYSTEMS is an indigenous African company started with the intention of fully implementing and integrating IT solutions in various firms and organizations in order to help maximize profit while minimizing overheads and at the same time helping the organizations focus more on products development and gaining more client base. We are aimed at helping individuals and companies to reach their goals and aspiration by giving them the best of IT solutions and services for peak service delivery and maximal profit with little or no distractions.

We help your business grow

We provide Services and Products that suite exactly what you need and when you need it. Our team are always on standby to take your exact requirements and build the products and services just how you would want it so you can be as productive as you have always dreamt to be

Our Core Belief

We believe and expect the best and for that reason we always ensure we deliver nothing but the best