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3rd June 2019

Get 5G MTN data for #1k Only

Yes, you read it right. You can get MTN 5G Data for just #1000 or 1G for just #200.

While this may sound strange to you, it is happening. I was surprised as well when I discovered it and though MTN Nigeria did not make it public, it is there.

I lost my phone recently and by the time I did a welcome back, I also downloaded the MyMTN app only to see a notification after logging into it.

MyMTN Cheap data offer
MyMTN Cheap data promo for welcome back

As you can see from the images above, you get

  1. 250Mb of Data for #100 only and valid for 3 days
  2. 1Gb of Data for #200 only and valid for 1 week
  3. 4Gb of Data for #1000 and valid for a whole month

You may be wondering if this applies to only people that did welcome back but it that is not the case. Any Sim could be lucky so it is worth the try.

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I opened the MyMTN app on my other line which has been constant on the network for more than 2 years without any welcome back and I got the same offer so try your luck too.

Personally, I consume data a lot so instead of doing the one-month data for #1,000 and 4Gb, I do the weekly data repeatedly 5 times and spends #1,000. What this means is that I get 5Gb for #1,000 only which is super amazing.

MyMTN Data activation screen

MyMTN Data activation screen 2
MyMTN Data activation screen3
MyMTN Data activation screen4

If you don’t want to download the MyMTN App but want to check if your Line also qualifies for this;

Text WBD2 to 131, if you get a response that you are not eligible, then you can’t do it otherwise your line will be credited with 1G data and #200 deducted from your account.

So get started, try your luck and share with someone else.

Peace out

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