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30th August 2019

Accounting: Getting it Right – Simple FREE tools to grow your business

Most business owners are laden with the misconception that only big businesses need that accounting software to run because of their large size. I don’t blame many that do and that may be because they probably know the big accounting software giants like SAGE and PEACHTREE with their high subscription costs to mean it is only big businesses that need Accounting. Let me shock you, you are wrong. In fact you can not be more wrong than this.

Need I remind you that no matter the size of your business or for how long you have been running it for, you are not excluded from tax except you have devised a way to evade the system (more info and tips on tax later). Your business needs to make profit and the fact that you are a starter or still very small in size does not mean you just need to let things follow their natural course, you do something – except of course you don’t need the profit and wish to run an NGO which I am sure not otherwise it wouldn’t be called business.

This is a sequel to the series on free tools for business expansion which I started and believe me, I never thought I’d be writing a series on this issue when I started but the more I expose, the more compelled I feel to let out more. You can read more about the other parts here

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When I started doing business a few years back, I started fully with technology. This is simply because I was already exposed to so many aspects of ICT and the potentials and wanted to explore it to the fullest.

I remember then when I needed to issue invoice or receipt or even proforma to a client, I’d simply fire up my Microsoft Office Word, connect and search for templates online to fulfil this need but as the business grew and reputation increases as well as customer base, it became clear this wasn’t going to be enough, I needed to keep track of invoice numbers so the receipt could tally, I needed to be accurate with the income and expenses but this method was making it almost tough and difficult, so very many things that needed to be done but could not simply because the method I was using was synonymous to being fully manual.

The solution came when I discovered WAVEAPPS. It is a completely free accounting package for small and medium businesses and like I said, it is completely FREE to use.

click here to get on board now

With wave, you can give customers invoices, track the invoices and give receipts as necessary to the appropriate invoices, track income and expenses, auto generate invoice number, add clients for follow up, add vendors to track your purchases and expenses, plot your income against your expenses, help you manage and know which client has paid and when payment is due for clients with outstanding payment. The list is on and on and it is completely FREE to use with no hidden charges.

The tool is just amazing and you’d be missing out for not trying it out as there is nothing and I mean absolutely nothing to loose by trying

Now that you have been informed, head over to the platform and give your business the boost needed and less stress. Click here

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